God 2.0 Budder

God 2.0 Budder


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Budder Concentrates

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What is God 2.0?

Demand to bring the God Bud back to its former ganja glory has resulted in a makeover. Our award winningest variety holds it own against many of today’s cannabis champions, but we want to dominate again.

Jordan of the Island’s has been diligently at work on God Bud 2.0 by updating our favorite famous variety for bigger yields and stronger effects. Anticipate the heaviest yields from this short squat Cannabis plant that has a traditional indica like shape to it.

God Bud 2.0 will impress fans of the original, who may not have experienced it in many years, while making believers out of new devotees. 

What is Budder?

An extremely potent form of BHO extract that retains terpenes and cannabinoids.  Expect a creamy, buttery product that will crumble easily.

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