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CBD Kush 1:1 Budder



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CBD Kush 1:1 Budder

CBD Budder from ICC offers a “one-for-one” CBD to THC ratio. 

From the collaborative efforts of CBD Crew and Dutch Passion comes CBD Kush, a hybrid strain with equal parts THC and CBD.

Bred from Kandy Kush and an unnamed high-CBD variety, CBD Kush typically tests even in both THC and CBD, which may benefit consumers with a low tolerance or those treating conditions such as pain, inflammation, or anxiety.

Its psychoactive effects are subtle, offering a tame experience that eases the muscles into relaxation without too much mental cloudiness. 

What is Budder?

An extremely potent form of BHO extract that retains terpenes and cannabinoids.  Expect a creamy, buttery product that will crumble easily.

We do not use any color remediation in our extraction processes.

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