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Cherry Cobbler 1:2 CBD:THC Sauce

Cherry Cobbler 1:2 CBD:THC Sauce

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A cross between the Cherry Pie and Cookies strains, Cherry Cobbler is an Indica dominant hybrid that displays heavy Indica effects and a delicious terpene profile, courtesy of its parents. Its high is just as tantalizing, offering an arousing body buzz that slowly makes its way down the body.

As the high of Cherry Cobbler starts to settle in, reviewers noted warm waves of relaxation and euphoria that encompass the user, offering a sedating and pain-free experience. Cherry Cobbler has also been reported to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

It is recommended that novice consumers take some caution when consuming Cherry Cobbler due to its high THC levels that average in the low to mid 20’s.

Depending on cultivation and curing techniques used, Cherry Cobbler produces buds that are compact and dense, forest green in color, and covered in amber pistils and frosty white trichomes that hints at its potency. Its flavor is sweet and nutty with delicious notes of cherries and fruits with subtle notes of berries and spice that come through on the exhale. Breaking apart, the buds will release an earthy, fruity aroma with herbs and a spicy undertone.

Dominant terpenes in Cherry Cobbler include Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Beta Myrcene.


Custom ICC blend of CBD & THC extracts in one convenient sauce.  66% THC concentrate 33% CBD concentrate.

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