Frequently Asked Questions


What are your Hours of Operation?

We are open Sunday until Thursday, 9 AM until 4 PM Pacific. Orders placed while we're closed will be processed when we open the next day.

A product I want is out of stock, when do you restock items?

We can only estimate the return of a few strains we stock. Many products are released in single batches and they aren't available again for a long time, or ever.

How can I order products from the Interior Cannabis Collective?

To place an order with ICC, you need to register as a user and upload age verification to your account (drivers license or other approved government issued ID).

I’ve made my order, what happens next?

After your order is placed, you will receive instructions on how to complete payment. Your order is not finalized until we receive your payment, so make sure to follow payment instructions once finished ordering.

What kind of payment methods are accepted?

EMT Payments. Details for completing your EMT payment will be provided on site when your order has been placed.

What happens if an order is not paid for?

We will hold your pending order for 48 hours to await payment. If after this time we do not receive an EMT, we will cancel the order.

I made a mistake in my order, what should I

If you haven’t yet sent payment for your order, you can go to your orders and cancel it. If you have sent payment, you can cancel your EMT in your bank account, just give us notice so we do not accept your payment before you do this.

How do I use the coupon codes when placing an order?

At checkout enter the coupon code in the field provided, discounts will be applied to your order and applied on final total.


How long can I expect my order to take once I’ve received my tracking email?

Orders typically take between 2-4 shipping days. If you are ordering from Eastern Canada, a three day delivery time as usual, but can take up to five. Orders paid in full by Tuesday will normally arrive by Friday.

My tracking number is not working on Canada Post's website, what do I do next?

Once tracing is entered a confirmation Email will be sent to you with your tracking code. Please allow for 12-24 hours for the code to be processed on Canada Post's end as the codes are generated before shipping. If still not working after 24 hours it can be due to a typo in the tracking number. Email us to receive confirmation on the tracking number.

My package has not arrived but the Canada Post website says it was delivered.

Canada Post will sometimes scan an item saying it has arrived at the end of the business day, then deliver it the following morning.

Can I get an ordered replacement if my package did not arrive?

In select instances, we will send a one-time replacement order. This includes any order mix-ups, shipping errors on our end, or occasionally if Canada Post does not follow through with the delivery. If it is found that there was an issue with the receiver’s address, a replacement order will not be sent. Our policy is that once the order is transferred to Canada Post, the responsibility for successful delivery lies with them unless it is found that Interior Cannabis Collective was at fault.

How much are your shipping costs?

All orders have a flat rate of shipping of $20

When do I qualify for free shipping?

To qualify for free shipping place an order of $300 or more.

Registering with Interior Cannabis Collective

What do I need to do to register on ICC?

You will need to be 19 years of age or older, and upload ID verification to your profile so we can confirm your age. You can Sign Up, by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button in the menu at the top right-hand side of the web page.

Do I need to be a medicinal user to register on ICC?

We accept registrations from medicinal and non-medicinal users.

When can I place my first order after registering on ICC?

You can place your first order right away! We will just need to complete your ID verification, but once this is done we will process your order as soon as we receive payment.